Let’s try to preserve our wonderful environment

Here in West Somerset we are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful and largely unspoilt environment. But do we care enough about it to take active steps to ensure it remains so for future generations?

Many people already ‘do their bit’ by recycling everything they can, insulating their homes, minimising waste of food and water and reducing the number of journeys they take by air or road.  But is this ‘bit’ enough and could we do more?

The disturbing climatic events we see on our TV screens with increasing regularity can leave us feeling impotent and the natural reaction is to assume we cannot stop the process of climate change and its destructive effects on the environment.

We can do more

But there is something we can do. Forum 21 is an organisation in Western Somerset for those who take an interest in our environment and wish to take positive steps to preserve it. Forum 21 is dedicated to enabling individuals and communities to take action to promote a more sustainable way of living and to raise awareness of the wider implications of climate change.

Since its launch in 1998, Forum 21 has been responsible for several local initiatives, including the Minehead Farmers’ Market held every Friday in the town centre and  the Steam Coast Trail, an on-going project to create a multi-user trail through West Somerset to make cycling safer. In 2008, we wrote the West Somerset Community Climate Change Strategy and we now run the West Somerset Low Carbon Partnership.

Forum 21 volunteers have been helping pensioners in fuel poverty to pay their bills through the Surviving Winter scheme and have been active in advising people on how they can benefit from the Government’s Green Deal.

Future initiatives include a community woodland project to make sustainable use of an area to produce fuel and other useful products.

Membership of Forum 21 is free. To receive our quarterly newletters and news of our activities, email: forum21@btinternet.com


Get involved

There are several ways people can get  more involved. For example, they can help with organising projects and events, take part in an exciting research project about reducing carbon emissions, or they could be trained to join the Forum’s energy team.  Contact Lorna Scott 01984 634 242.

For more information about Forum 21, go to our website: www.forum21.org.uk

Elinor Harbridge

July 2014

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