Learn about insulation which won’t cost the earth

An Open Day at the Energy Saving Centre in Minehead on Saturday 1 February will showcase insulation methods and products to help people keep warm, save on fuel bills and reduce their ‘carbon footprint’.

The event, from 10 am to 1 pm, follows their very popular workshop on DIY draught proofing and secondary glazing held last autumn.

Heat loss

Dave Voisey, one of the trained volunteers at the Centre, said: “We are being supported by Jewsons, who have generously given draught proofing products for us to give away on the day. We also have examples of curtain insulation which can be purchased locally and can make a considerable difference. We know this because we have access to thermal measuring devices and have checked the results ourselves!”

He added: “Heat loss has to be tackled on all possible fronts as  35% goes through the walls, 25% through the roof, 10% through doors, 15% through windows and 15% through floors. The Centre has models, samples and information on cavity and solid wall insulation and affordable DIY insulation measures such as magnetic secondary window glazing, which has only become easily available recently, and underfloor insulation using ordinary, relatively cheap, roof insulation and plastic netting”.


The Centre is in Summerland Avenue (Co-Op) Car Park and is supported by West Somerset Council. It is run by Transition Minehead and Alcombe which promotes local resilience to climate change and the loss of resources such as energy, fuel and food. They work in partnership with Forum 21, a long standing West Somerset group promoting a low carbon economy, who have a long track record of setting up projects and services to this end.


“The work of the Energy Saving Centre is invaluable”, said Cllr Maureen Smith who represents TMA on the West Somerset Low Carbon Partnership. “The reduction in the District’s carbon footprint, which is higher than the national average, was checked at a recent meeting and found to be on target. Energy conservation can keep this momentum going as well as helping keep costs down and health and comfort affordable. However, we cannot be complacent because our area has many difficult buildings and transport problems. The Energy Saving Centre contributes to this effort with information, support and demonstrations of methods and products”.

For more information about the Open Day contact Chris Smith on 01643 709478

The Centre is open on Thursday 10 am to 2 pm and Saturday 10 am to 1 pm. For more information about the Centre go to www.transitionmineheadandalcombe.org

www.west-somerset-forum21.org.uk or phone Hester on 01643 821768.

January 2014