The Great Transition

Are you troubled by the current economic situation? And have you considered that there could be an alternative? What does acting locally mean to you? And can we really live better with less?

Transition Minehead and Alcombe will be hosting an inspirational evening on 11 November at Minehead Community College, which has been designed to question our current economic model.

Furthermore, the group is thrilled to announce that Stewart Wallis, Executive Director of the New Economic Foundation (NEF), will be guest speaker at the event. During his talk, Stewart will be uncovering what is so wrong with the current economic system; making clear the urgent need for a ‘great transition’ and, as a result, showing how we really can have a better future.

Stewart has had a long and impressive history in economics, having worked for the World Bank in Washington and as International Director of Oxfam – a role which saw him awarded an OBE. Now part of NEF, a leading independent ‘think and do tank’, he is helping to challenge mainstream thinking so as to inspire and demonstrate real economic well-being, putting people and the planet first.

The talk will be followed by open questions and an opportunity to voice your own thoughts on how we might move forward practically as a community. Any ideas will be collected and taken to the Transition groups next steering group meeting on Monday 14 November, 10am at St Michael’s Church, Alcombe, where we hope to create a new local economics working group and put the ideas into action. All are welcome at the meeting, so please join us and make this happen. Alternatively, you can participate in the virtual debate following Stewarts talk on Facebook:

The initial event will be held in the main hall of West Somerset Community College, starting at 7pm on 11 November 2011. There will be no charge, although donations will be gratefully received. Refreshments will be provided.

Transition Minehead and Alcombe would like to facilitate lift sharing to this event, so if you would like to attend and are happy to share with others, please contact Maureen on with your name and details of where you’ll be travelling from by 4th November. We will then circulate this information to others interested.